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The Signs In Love

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An astrological guide to deepening your romantic connection–or finding the love of your life.

Carolyne Faulkner knows the number-one reason her clients seek her out to consult the stars: love. After all, we are made of stardust, and understanding the cosmos can provide critical insight into our lives, our well-being, and matters of the heart. This unique guide explains how each sign matches up with the others, with the pros and pitfalls of each, and offers interactive journaling prompts to allow each reader to create a wholly personal road map to understanding themselves and their unions in romance, family, and friendship.

There is no question that certain pairings cause sparks to crackle, while others grow quietly into a relationship that will last forever. Each combination has its challenges, too, but Faulkner reassures readers that the idea of incompatibility is a myth, and if your partner seems to come from another planet, it might just take a little more empathy and hard work to keep the romance alive. Learn what it looks like when a particular match flows well or not so well, and how the planets combine to play a role in both of your charts.

Faulkner's Dynamic Astrology™ approach offers a tried-and-tested framework to the signs–how harmonious each match is likely to be, and, more important, how to build a foundation for a forever love.

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