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Stoner Besties One Hitter Kard

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UPC: 850059990070
FIRST RECEIVED: Jul 09, 2024
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    Get ready to roll out the laughs with our Stoner Bestie greeting card! This isn't just any card; it's a puff of happiness for your bestie who loves the greens. With a cheeky, winking bong and a heart full of giggles, this card is splashed on a joyous pink canvas that screams You're my bud!

    Whether they're your partner-in-puff or your blaze buddy, this glossy-finished gem will be the cherry on top of their special day. It's more than a card – it's a high-five to your friendship that says, We're best buds for life! So why wait? Send some love and light up the room with laughter!

    Design Details:

    • Front Message: Stoner Bestie
    • Inside Message: (Blank Inside)
    • Size: 4.25 x 5.5 in.
    • Includes: Greeting Card, One-Hitter Pipe, Envelope, Plastic Wrap
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