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Sex Checks: Spicy or Sweet

ITEM: 86991
UPC: 9780593236178
MFG: 9780593236178
FIRST RECEIVED: May 06, 2024
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Whether you're looking to make your love life sweeter or spicier, this booklet of reimbursable checks will satisfy any craving.

Issued by the World Bank of Savings and Love, these playful checks offer a diverse portfolio of options for the shy and adventurous alike, with fill-in-the-blanks and check-box prompts. With thirty checks for sweet offerings like a romantic date night or your partner's undivided attention and thirty checks to reimburse for spicier options like an opportunity to liquidate your assets (interpret as you will), Sex Checks: Spicy or Sweet has a little something for everyone.

Best of all, these checks are guaranteed not to bounce... unless, of course, you're into that.

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