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Low Rise Mini Denim Cheeky Jeans Shorts Large Blue Packaging Hanging

ITEM: 70357
UPC: 688977494659
FIRST RECEIVED: Feb 22, 2019
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Turn up the heat tonight in Cheeky Denim Booty Short Hot Pants with Low Waist by Be Wicked. Designed to show off plenty of sizzling booty, these hot-to-trot mini shorts features white-wash stretch-jean material throughout. Be Wicked Hot Pants put your hot ass on display with a thong-back design that keeps all eyes on you. Mini shorts sit low at the hip, are accented with a two-button closure up front for easy dress and removal, and are sure to bring your lover to their knees every time you turn around. Butt cheeks are exposed with a jean style that cuts high on the cheek, and the stretch material keeps you cool, comfortable and dry. Perfect for the beach or for a frisky night out, Be Wicked Booty Shorts are sure to bring out the babe goddess in you! Sexy Cut Off Hot Pants are made from a special 60% cotton / 30% polyester / 10% spandex blend for easy care and the perfect fit, fit a US size Large Blue and measure 27inch - 29 inch Waist and 38 inch - 40 inch Hips. Available in Medium , Large,Small.NOTE: Hand Wash Only. @npc2019_58 @sc-2019-20 @summer-2019-20
  • Type: Bag
  • Package Weight: 0.31
  • Package Length: 12.00
  • Package Width: 1.50
  • Package Height: 10.50
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