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Get Your Mojo Back: Sex, Pleasure and Intimacy After Birth

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FIRST RECEIVED: Nov 02, 2023
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Get Your Mojo Back breaks the silence around the feminist topic no-one is talking about: how to have enjoyable sex after birth. This book is a rallying call to women to reclaim their sexuality and find sexual fulfilment. Focusing on the physical, mental and practical aspects that can affect your sexual experience and relationship, each chapter contains:

  • a personal experience to relate to
  • tips on specific issues and their manifestations, including unfulfilling sex and numbness, painful postpartum sex, and finding time for intimacy in motherhood
  • information from experts, including womens health physios, an obstetrics doctor and gynecology and a perinatal mental health psychologist.

Informative yet often hilarious, this guide from maternal health campaigner and journalist Clio Wood will appeal to new and existing mothers seeking to improve their sex lives and wellbeing after birth. It will also attract fans of feminist womens health books, including Period Power.

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