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DTF Card Game

ITEM: 71609
UPC: 825156110232
MFG: BG.R191
FIRST RECEIVED: Jul 23, 2019
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Are you looking? For romance? Are you down to fuck? Deal 7 cards to each player and then you have seven turns each to build your fantasies. You each build Sexting fantasies to act out now and to sext in the future. Perhaps you wish to motorboat her melons, lick his chestnuts, or simply get to humping? There are 1000s of possible combinations to choose from for naughty emoji fun! @vday2020-12
  • Type: Boxed
  • Package Weight: 2.10
  • Package Length: 4.80
  • Package Width: 2.70
  • Package Height: 2.00
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