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Adam & Eve Adam's Trainer By Fleshlight

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MFG: I445 4000
FIRST RECEIVED: Jul 02, 2024
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    Adam & Eve knows what men need in a stroker, because we've been selling them for over 50 years. So when we wanted to develop the ultimate pleasure tool for men, we teamed up with Fleshlight – known around the world for their award-winning masturbators. This ground-breaking partnership led to Adam's Trainer by Fleshlight – the most stimulating masturbator ever offered by either company! And it's only available at Adam & Eve!

    Exclusive Inner Sleeve Made For Mind-Blowing Thrills
    The masturbator comes with an ice blue Real Feel Super Skin sleeve. This soft, sensual sleeve grips your shaft tightly – just like a real lover. It's extra durable for long-lasting use.

    Adam's Trainer is engineered with a unique swirl-shaped entry. It pulls you down deep while working your lower shaft for more intense stimulation. It feels much better than your typical masturbator!

    The sleeve's interior features an exclusive texture guaranteed to drive you wild! It's lined with dozens of ticklers, teasers, pleasure nubs and ribs all carefully positioned to maximize your pleasure. And it comes with 4 intensity chambers designed to enhance and amplify sensations for super-charged play.

    It also acts a trainer to help you perform better in bed. Regular use increases your endurance and staying power thanks to the exclusive's sleeves lifelike feel. You can even use it to practice new techniques before trying them out with a real-life partner.

    Boost Your Pleasure With Oral-Like Suction
    After a few minutes, the Adam & Eve exclusive masturbator will start pulling on your shaft. That's the stimulating suction kicking in!

    You naturally push air out of the tight-fitting sleeve and case as you use it. Over time, this naturally forms a vacuum inside the sleeve. This vacuum pulls you deeper as you go in, and it gently tugs on your shaft as you pull back for oral-like thrills!

    The suction is even adjustable. Just twist the screw-on cap in the base. The tighter it's on, the stronger the suction. Or you can loosen it up instead for fast-paced action.

    Designed With Your Needs In Mind
    Adam's Trainer is more compact and weighs less than the original Fleshlight, so you can use it without wearing out your arm. This makes the masturbator much more accessible and user-friendly for men with medical issues.

    It comes in a rugged plastic case with textured sides. These make it easy to grip for better control, even if your hands are slippery.

    The clear case lets you watch the hot action. When you're done, you can store it almost anywhere with the screw-on lid. Keep it in a drawer by your computer or TV for entertainment purposes. Store another in your nightstand to warm up with a partner. You can even hide one on a shelf in your garage or man cave in case of emergencies.

    How to Use Your New Masturbator
    Adam's Trainer by Fleshlight comes with a phthalate-free TPE sleeve, making it compatible with both water-based and silicone-based lubes. Apply a generous amount of lube to the entry and your shaft before use. You can adjust the suction intensity by loosening or tightening the screw-on cap in the base of the case.

    When you're finished, remove the blue sleeve from the plastic case. It's open-ended, so you can flush it out for quick and easy cleaning. Wash the sleeve in warm, soapy water before spraying it with antibacterial sex toy cleaner. Dry it thoroughly with a lint-free cloth. Then lightly dust the sleeve with Fleshlight Renewing Powder. Return the sleeve to the case and store it in a cool, dark place until next time.


    • Exclusive Fleshlight only available from Adam & Eve
    • Intensity chambers enhance your stimulation
    • Trains your stamina to help you last longer and perform better
    • Gently sucks for oral-like pleasure
    • Swirl-shaped entry pulls you in deep
    • Ticklers, teasers, nubs and ribs massage away
    • Real Feel Super Skin is incredibly soft yet durable
    • Lighter-weight design for portability and accessibility
    • Textured, see-through case for better grip and control
    • 8.5 by 3 inches total with a 7-inch-long inner sleeve
    • Made in the USA from TPE with an ABS plastic case
    • Compatible with silicone-based and water-based lubes


    • Length: 8.5 inches
    • Insertable Length: 7 inches
    • Width: 3.00 inches
    • Material: TPE, ABS (plastic)
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