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4play (4 Games In 1)

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FIRST RECEIVED: Aug 15, 2008
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4play (4 Games In 1)

A set of four titillating games. Enjoy in.Wheel of Pleasurein., where you spin to perform sexual fantasies on your lover. in.Foreplay Dicein., where you roll dice to perform erotic actions on your lover. In in.Foreplay Fortunein., you and your lover use cards to act out sexual fantasies. And for in.S,E,X Marks the Spotin., spin the sex top and try to make it stop on the body part of your lover you want to satisfy.

Includes: 1 sex spinner, 2 foreplay dice, 1 action top, 20 sex cards and 2 body maps.

  • Type: Boxed
  • Package Length: 4.75
  • Package Width: 1.00
  • Package Height: 6.00
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