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Current Datafeeds and MAP Agreements


Inventory List -------- Updated Hourly
Product List W/MSRP & MAP -- Updated Daily
Item Dimensions ------ Updated Daily


MAP Agreements:

MAP agreements and more information on what MAP is and why it is important can be found here.

All Agreements in 1 .zip can be found here.

Please take some time to review, sign, and return a scanned or electronically signed copy of the MAP Agreements to prior to downloading our feeds. 

By downloading any content from this site, you are acknowledging that you have read, signed and returned each MAP agreement above. If you do not accept or agree with these terms, do not download the Content found on this site and contact your Sales Representative immediately. 

(Click here for a list of items & brands prohibited from selling on 3rd Party Marketplaces )

MAP Agreements - Signature Required
These MAP agreements must be signed in order to purchase and sell the associated products.

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