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Pipedream Fantasy For Her Ultimate Climax-Her Dual Stimulator Purple

ITEM: 67400
UPC: 603912753721
MFG: PD4937-12
FIRST RECEIVED: Sep 21, 2018
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@PDHERFANTASY Her fantasy was to give herself the ultimate orgasm. She had heard that suction from an Ultimate Climax-Her would surround her clitoris and nipples in intense oral sex sensations, but vibration always made her orgasmic. Now she could enjoy both with her Ultimate Climax-Her.She pressed the button to begin the powerful vibrations on her Climax-Her and sighed as she placed it against her swelling clit. She slid the vibrating bulb through her damp lips and placed it hungrily against her hole. Her breathing became heavier as she took the long suction hose at the other end of her Climax-Her and placed it over her sensitive clitoris. Oh! The greedy sucking sensations seemed to inhale her very essence! She stopped herself as she had begun to peak. She replaced the long hose with a shorter, precise suction cup and concentrated again on her aroused clit. The teasing suction seduced her senses and she was lost in her passion. The powerful orgasm seemed to last forever and she found herself breathlessly trembling as her body shook with incredible, ultimate pleasure. Rechargeable via the included USB cord.Press and hold the vibration power button to initiate vibration. Press the power button to cycle through 12 patterns of vibration. Press and hold to turn off. Suction Power On/Off: Press and hold the suction power button to initiate suction. Press the power button to cycle through 12 patterns of suction. Press and hold to turn off. Care Instructions: Cleanup is a snap after the fun with Refresh Toy Cleaner and warm water. Simultaneous Suction & Vibration! • Synchronized clit vibration and nipple suction • Internal vibration with simultaneous clit suction • One end for you, the other for your partner • The possibilities are endless! 12 Arousing Vibration Patterns, 12 Super Suction Patterns Provides both vibrating and sucking stimulation at the press of a button. Intense Suction with 3 Unique Pleasure Attachments Customize your experience with options for all of your sensitive erogenous areas. @sc-2019-41 @summer-2019-42
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  • Package Weight: 0.59
  • Package Length: 6.90
  • Package Width: 4.50
  • Package Height: 2.60
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