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MAP Agreements

What is MAP?
    Quite simply it stands for Minimum Advertised Price. This is the lowest price allowed to be publically displayed for a product on sale. Many manufacturers have enacted MAP as a way to maintain pricing integrity in the market, especially in online advertising, enabling their authorized resellers to compete for business outside of the price scenario. One of the primary justifications for MAP indicates the only way to properly represent the brand is to allow for a respectable margin so the resellers make enough money to support and represent the brand to the level expected by the manufacturer.

    Manufacturers who have enacted a MAP policy require resellers to execute an agreement authorizing resellers to market, sell and represent their brand. Most manufacturers with a MAP policy have a system for reporting violations and also use third party firms to shop the web and even purchase products and track back serial numbers to the source of the violation. Anyone who is found in violation of the MAP policy becomes at risk of losing their authorization to sell that product or brand. We want to help you succeed so please take some time to review, sign, and return a scanned or electronically signed copy of the MAP Agreements below to 

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All Agreements in 1 .zip file can be downloaded here

Individual Map Agreements (and price lists):

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